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VATIKA INDIA NEXT: 600 ideas for 600 acres*
Vatika India Next is our endeavour to restore life’s harmony, completeness and fulfillment. The city will ensure a better life to over 1,00,000 people by providing all vital amenities a family needs, at close vicinity. Be it residential, retail, commercial, education or healthcare, every space has been thoughtfully planned and conveniently located.

Development Status
Vatika India Next is building into a city piece by piece. The construction of this dream city is in top gear. Possession of the first residential project is expected to commence from 2012. The construction of 84mtr and 24mtr wide roads, along with other infrastructural development within the city is progressing actively. Work on electrical and communication cabling, sewerage and water supply has also started. Along with the physical infrastructure, equal importance is being given to the social infrastructure. The demarcation of Club and MatriKiran School has been done while construction of convenience stores and parks is in full swing.

Vatika India Next is a city well thought, designed with infinite attention and details. Here, every space is envisaged from the perspective of its users and is focused towards creating a natural, harmonic and healthy environment for its residents.

1 acre = 0.404 hectare